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Enquire about customised designs or shop here from images on our instagram accounts @ocredesigns and @tarnmclean_paintingfordesign or other publications you've seen, and we will be in touch directly to confirm your order and answer your questions.


As our wares vary from Fine Art orignial oil painitngs to hand crafted luxury handbags and all things made beautifuly in between, we offer our clients a purchase experience rather than an 'add to cart' system, so send us an email if you know what you want and we'll respond to confirm your order and keep you updated on the Ocre world.


Our favoured way to connect with you is through exhibiting, so let us know if you'ed like to join us and see what we do and we'll send you letters from time to time about upcoming events which take place in varying cities, states and soon to be countries. 


Thanks for connecting with us and loving what we do.


Tarn xx