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Australian Luxury Handbags and Textiles

Ocre Designs 

Turning art into beautiful Designs to wear and live with

Ocre Designs, established in 2008, encompass highly crafted Australian made handbags and fine art as well as textiles and wallpapers for commercial and residential interiors.  

Artist and Painter Dr Tarn McLean turns art into beautiful designs by utilising her knowledge surrounding Modernist Painting, creating limited edition handbags textiles and customised interior spaces. Some collections  are collaborations designed by guest artists 


The Botanical paintings on the home page are a salute to her great, great Grandfather and Botanical painter Adam Forster, whose works are now held in the Australian National Library, Canberra.

Each Botanical painting is expanded into floral and geometric ‘stories’ that are incorporated into textiles for handbag lining, clothing and wallpapers.

To custom design your own fabric, art and wallpaper contact us through the Custom Art tab and for our archived textiles and wallpapers contact Inge Holst at

With all wares made in limited edition runs on shore in Australia, the Ocre label reflects Tarn’s commitment towards developing an ethically sustainable Australian luxury design house.


Ocre Designs is committed to supporting community through donating a percentage of sales to the Child Writes Fund. This charities' purpose is to advance culture, art and education in children through literacy enrichment programs, recording the stories and drawings of children. 






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