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Tarn McLean is a Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Art) and in 2008 founded the accessories label Ocre Designs.

Apart from creating ready to use fabrics and wallpapers for the Ocre label, Tarn also offers an art service, working one-on-one with clients to custom design their own art, resulting in fabrics, art and wallpapers as unique as each individual. 

Turning Art into Beautiful Designs

Every person has a creative side, and it's this potential and hidden story belonging to each client, that Tarn brings to life through customising art for them.

After years of painting printed fabrics and wallpapers for Ocre Designs, Tarn noticed there were still customers and home lovers who couldn't find the perfect fabric for their interiors.

This lead to her working with them, listening to their stories and understanding their heritage, and then turning these 'stories' into customised art. 

Now a bespoke design service, each client can experience being guided through a process where Tarn transfers their story into beautiful art, fabric and wallpapers. 

The end result is creative excellence, where collaboration combined with Tarn's painting skills and industry knowledge results in stunning, personalised homes that tell a story, as unique as each owner.


Email to enquire about customising your own art, fabric or wallpaper for a residence or upcoming project.

+61 428232652

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