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Tarn works with individuals, families, interior designers and commercial ventures who want beautiful wares and art, not otherwise available on the market.
Each outcome is collaboratively designed with Tarn.

Custom Designed linen for family Tea Room Curtains

Custom hand painted Orange Blossom fabric design for home office chair and curtain

Custom Designed wallpaper for hidden (through the closet), family guest room

Custom Designed Wall painting The Office Bar and Restaurant, Toowoomba.

Custom Designed Wall Painting for night club venue

Hand painted Magnolia Design for Bedroom

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Our bespoke Art, Wallpapers and Fabrics are customised for each individual client.
We offer one on one consultation with our clients worldwide and also work virtually, providing concept design through art development and final production. This service is also available as an add on service to the architecture and interior design industry, for clients who cannot find what they're looking for on the open market, or want something made that's unique to them.

If you are going through a significant change or renovation and wish to have something unique made just for you, or want to add to your art collection, this niche service is the ultimate in luxury bespoke design.


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