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Tarn McLean

B: 1971 Milton, NSW, Australia



Tarn currently lectures Drawing at the University of Southern Queensland and is the Founder/Director at Australian textile and accessories design house, Ocre Designs.


2021 Current - Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science) Curtin University

2016 - Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Art) University of Southern Queensland

2010 - Bachelor of Visual Art HONOURS (1st) University of Southern Queensland

2006- 2008 Bachelor of Visual Art with Distinction University of Southern Queensland


2017 – Alexandra Lawson Gallery, Toowoomba.

2016 – MONOPUNK MULTICHROME University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.

2009 – Colour Light Space, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia


2021 - FRAGILE STATES, Lasso Art Space, Toowoomba.

2021 – COVIMETRY, Ely Centre of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT, USA

2021 – outLAND Jude Roberts and Tarn McLean, Alexandra Lawson Gallery, Toowoomba.

2020 - The Colour B: Beyond the Colour A, Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin (Postponed, COVID).

2019 - Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction, Block Projects Gallery, Melbourne

2019 – The Big Circle, M17 Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 – NEW MODERN, Reductive Non-Objective Project, Five Walls Melbourne

2019 – ‘abstraction, we thinks’ MONO PRACTICE, Baltimore, USA

2018 - RNOP Queensland, RAYGUN Projects and University of Southern Queensland, Australia

2018 - INFINITE WORLDS INFINITE PROBABILITIES University of Southern Queensland, Australia

2018 - BETON 7 Arts + IS Projects, Athens, Greece

2016 - ALEXANDRA LAWSON GALLERY Launch, Toowoomba, Australia

2016 - Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artist Award, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia

2016 - USQ Graduart, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia

2015 – Colours and Lines Don’t Lie Group Show Works on Paper, Modern Art Projects, Faulconbridge, NSW.

2015 – Collide Group Show Works on Paper, Cairns, Queensland.

2014 – un-bound-ed, Curated by Brent Hallard, Bay Area, San Francisco

2014 – Exchange with NLH, Giving Loving Sharing, Copenhagen

2014 – For the Hustle, No Comply, Toowoomba

2014 – Superfluidity, University of Southern Queensland

2013 – Queensland College of Art, Down the Rabbit Hole, Brisbane

2013 –Tarn McLean and Alexandra Lawson, NLH Space Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 – Animating Spaces Toowoomba, Real Time Your Time. CBD, Toowoomba

2013 – Queensland Regional Art Award Travelling exhibition, Queensland

2013 – Imagine You Know Toowoomba Regional Council Travelling exhibition, Queensland

2012 – Imagine You Know, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

2012 – LIMINAL, Curated by Ashleigh Bunter, SYDNEY NON-OBJECTIVE, Sydney, Australia

2011 – Interscapes, Curated by Ashleigh Bunter, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane, Australia

2010 – Graduart, University of Southern Queensland

2010 – NEW INTERNATIONAL, Curated by Kyle Jenkins, SYDNEY NON-OBJECTIVE, Sydney

2010 – ANTHONY FARRELL AND TARN MCLEAN, Attic Art Space, Toowoomba

2009 – Australia Wide Printmaking Portfolio

2009 – Group Show curated by Kyle Jenkins, SYDNEY NON-OBJECTIVE

2008 – Graduart, University of Southern Queensland


Lecturing 2016 – 2019 University of Southern Queensland various part time contracts for Painting and Drawings Studio, marking and external examiner.

Designing 2016- 2020 Australian textiles and accessories house Ocre Designs; director of operations and head designer for textiles and accessories.


2019 - Paintingontopofitself: Painting in a Digitally Saturated Culture + Paintings Renewal, The Regional Art Gallery Toowoomba.

2017 - Paintingontopofitself: The Painted Word, RAYGUN Projects, Toowoomba

2016 - Paintingontopofitself: The Agreeable Surface, RAYGUN Projects, Toowoomba

2015 – Olivier Mosset, Peter Holm and Kyle Jenkins, Paintingontopofistelf, MOP, Sydney


2016 – REFLEX Projects, Russell Street, Toowoomba

2015 – First Coat 2015, Public Venue Installation, Toowoomba.

2014 – NLH Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 – Phat Burgers, North Point Shopping Centre, Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, QLD

2013 – Real Time Your Time public video installation, Artslink Queensland Public Art Initiative, Animating Spaces

2013 – Shop fit out Commercial interior Boutique Botanical Shop 3/98 Marine Parade, Kingscliff, NSW

 2013 –Public Wall painting, Mactaggart Building, 156 Margaret Street, Toowoomba, QLD

2013 – NLH Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012 – Phat Burgers, 520 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, QLD

2010 – Arts Block, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD


2014 – Current, REFLEX PROJECTS

2013 – 2016 START Student Art Toowoomba



2015 – Paintingontopofitself, Curated by Tarn McLean. Art Guide Australia, March 4th, 2015 by Tracey Clement

2013/2014 – Art Monthly Summer Issue, Down the Rabbit Hole,

2011 – Art Monthly Australia, September issue, Tarn McLean by Louise Martin-Chew


University of Southern Queensland, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Curtin University, Western Australia


2016 - 2013 Australian Post Graduate Award - Australian Government funding for Higher Research 2014 – Danish Arts Council, Statens Kunstrad, Artist Run, Copenhagen

2014 – ARTS QUEENSLAND Projects and Programs Funding, RAYGUN

2013 – ARTS QUEENSLAND Projects and Programs Funding, RAYGUN

2013 – Real Time Your Time public video installation, Artslink Queensland Public Art Initiative, Animating Spaces

2012 – ARTS QUEENSLAND Projects and Programs Funding, RAYGUN

2010 – NAVA Ignition Prize for Professional Practice


2020 – Paintingontopofitself 2015 – 2020

2020 - RAYGUN Projects 2011 - 2019

2016 PhD Thesis Grubby Mistakes and Beautiful Propositions: The shift of painting out as a way to look back in.

2015 – 2020 Paintingontopofitself Series of five exhibitions and accompanying catalogue/essays 2014 – Kyle Jenkins, Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock, August 2014, BLINDSIDE, Melbourne

Tarn McLean CV 2020

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